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Car Rental Tanzania with a driver –  Chauffeur Hire Services in Tanzania

Are you planning to visit Tanzania this year and need to rent a car with a driver? Book with us for professional and experienced Tanzania chauffeur hire services. We also have well-trained diver guides for those interested in going for a safari in this East African country. For the last 15 years, Rent a Car Tanzania has been recruiting drivers, training them, equipping them with all the tourism information about Tanzania and also customer care services. Therefore we are the best to hire a car with a driver in Tanzania with.

Are you visiting Tanzania on a business trip? Hire a car with a driver with us and we shall give you a prestigious car for your business trip in the country.

How much does a car rental in Tanzania with a driver cost?

The cost of car rental with a driver in Tanzania depends on the type of car one intends to hire. However, a driver costs between $20-$50 per day. The price changes with the role the driver is to play for example if he is to act as a guide on a safari to Tanzania or just drive the car.

Go on and contact us to hire a car with a driver in Tanzania with us!

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